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Wenk Insurance Agency is a family-owned, independent insurance agency established in 1932. Our goal is to help you protect yourself, your family, your business and your property by advising you on insurance products best suited to your requirements and to design a comprehensive insurance program tailored to your specific needs.

You can rely on us to search among the most trusted insurers to find quality coverage while always offering you friendly, personal service. While some agents are "direct writers" who write insurance for only one company, we represent many companies that we can quote and compare for you as independent agents answering to you, the client first, rather than answering to the insurer. It's a reality that many insurers shine in one specific category or type of insurance, so you may receive recommendations from us involving several different insurers (one for your home, another for your business, and a 3rd company for your employees or your directors and officers).

Into our fourth generation now, we feel that our experience allows us to locate insurers for almost any risk brought to us, from unusual aviation-related operations, to-libel and to slander/media coverage, to liability for residential home inspectors, and to liquor liability for special events. And while no one person is an expert on every type of insurance, an agency can be of value when they know where to go in each case, and where the experts are for each specific line of coverage.

President Chuck Wenk has been an industry leader since 1949, recognized by life insurers like Prudential since the 1960s, and later considered an aviation insurance pioneer, when agencies handling aviation coverage were extremely rare and often unheard of.

Wendy Wenk-Deeter followed in her Dad’s footsteps, embracing aviation at an early age, and is an experienced multi-engine and instrument-rated pilot, who has excelled in protecting the largest and most complex aviation risks since 1977, with no aviation account too large for her to professionally handle.

President Wes Wenk followed in his versatile Dad's more "grounded" insurance footsteps and is now in his 45th year of multi-lines life, health, long-term care, as well as business and personal lines production. Chuck Wenk has been a really tough act to follow, and Wendy and Wes hope they can team up to come as close as possible to the incredible job Chuck has done in all of these lines! (The fact that Chuck also found time during all of this insurance activity to be a Chicago White Sox radio statistician, a restaurant owner, a Boy Scout Leader, and a weekly Pioneer Press columnist for over 50 years now, means that Wes and Wendy really have their work cut out for them!)

That’s why their sales staff is so crucial to the success of the agency, including, in decreasing order of seniority:

  • Wes Wenk (President)
  • Sue Gabrys (Agent)
  • Cindy Wenk (Payroll Manager)
  • Carol Wikoff (Health Insurance)
  • Silvia Kern (Bookkeeper)
  • Sam Wenk (Agent)
  • Lucy Wenk (Agent)

Business, Aviation & Personal Insurance Agency

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